RespiCide GP Activating Crystals 16 OZ Container

RespiCide GP Activating Crystals 16 OZ Container
Brand: Bio-Cide
Product Code: BC2032ACT1
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The activator crystals accelerates the cleaning to take place in 15 minutes. 16 oz. container of citric acid activator crystals with spoon.
Enough to activate 4 quarts (32 oz) or 1 gallon of the RespiCide GP Disinfecting Solution.

RespiCide GP Disinfecting Solution is an EPA-registered, chlorine dioxide-based single use disinfectant.
It was formulated and recommended to disinfect non-metal, heat sensitive, reusable, non-critical medical equipment.
The product was developed to address the odor, staining, disinfection time and temperature, and reuse/test strip issues associated with aldehyde-based products.
RespiCide GP Disinfecting Solution is virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and tuberculocidal in 5 minutes at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F).

These devices are considered non-critical medical devices because they normally only come in contact with intact skin.
The process of disinfection for non-critical devices requires equipment to be cleaned using a validated cleaning procedure, and rinsed to remove sanitizer that could be harmful to humans.

Respicide GP Disinfecting Solution was specifically formulated to address the odor, staining, disinfection time and temperature and reuse issue associated with aldehyde-based products.
Field trial results indicated a preference for Respicide GP Disinfecting Solution over each test site's currently used product.


  • Rapid antimicrobial activity
  • No aldehyde odors
  • Does not stain skin
  • Readily Disposable
  • Economical
  • No test strips requried
  • Proven safe to skin 
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