DreamStar Info Evolve CPAP Machine with Humidifier

DreamStar Info Evolve CPAP Machine with Humidifier
Brand: Sefam
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DreamStar Info (CPAP), detects residual respiratory events, calculates the leak level, and monitors patient compliance so that the doctor can easily evaluate the therapy efficacy.

Ease of USE

  • The design features of DreamStar Info & Auto facilitate the easy use of the device.
  • They inlude automatic reminders, quiet operation and front screen illuminated retro buttons with automatice extinction of the backlight.
  • The settings can be uploaded to the device via the DreamStar data card.
  • The result is a device easily adaptable to everyday users, ensuring performace, comfort and ease of use.

Auto-Calibration Function

  • Ensures that the prescribed pressure is delivered to the patient's interface.
  • This makes the device compatible with almost combination of mask and patient circuit of 22mm or 15mm diameter.

Compact Design

  • DreamStar INFO & AUTO in the evolve configuration have a fully integrated heated humidifier for enhanced breathing comfort, while remaining of the most compact devices in the market.
  • The humidifier is located at the rear of the devices with each water reservoir.
  • The reservoir and the air inlet filter are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • The fully integrated power supply and heated humidifier makes DreamStar Info & Auto Evolve one of the lightest devices in the market.
  • This ensures maximum comfort while using the device, either when travelling or being at home.

Comfort Calibration (CC+) Function

  • Optimizes patient comfort on CPAP or AUTO CPAP mode. This accomplished by adjusting the pressure delivered to the patient's breathing cycle without compromising the effectivenedd of delivered treatment.
  • This technologu based on the principles of the auto-calibration function, may increase the pressure during inhalation and lower pressure during exhalation.
  • These variations naturally adapt to the patients respiratory cycles.

All data is saved in the device’s memory and can be read using the DreamStar Analyze software. The Specific Calibration, Comfort Calibration (C++) mode, and intelligent ramp (I-Ramp) increase therapy efficacy and compliance.

DreamStar Info is compatible with the OxyLink module (synchronizing oximetry data) and can be linked to the SEFAMConnect telemonitoring platform.

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