S8 Elite II CPAP Machine by Resmed

S8 Elite II CPAP Machine by Resmed
Brand: ResMed
Product Code: R33039M

The ResMed S8 Elite II is equipped with Easy-Breathe Technology along with new software, The CPAP now has a quieter motor and an improved EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) mode. The Easy-Breathe Technology is a new level in comfort and quietness. Use Version 3.5 or greater ResScan Software to check therapy effectiveness, compliance data, and periodic trends.

Users can choose a fixed CPAP pressure or an EPR mode 1 to 3 for maximum comfort with control. Adjusting the EPR settings allows the Easy-Breathe Technology to drop the pressure upon exhalation so that breathing feels more "natural". A pressure Ramp is also available and provides for a slow and comfortable increase to your pressure setting.

The S8 Elite II offers an improved motor that outputs only 24 decibels at 10cmH20 measured at one meter away. The S8 Generation One motors average 30 Decibels, making the new motors 75% quieter

Fully customizable, the S8 Elite II has reminders for accessory replacements like your mask or machine filters. Take advantage of the remote downloading capabilities with the ResScan Data Card which provides comprehensive efficacy and usage data that helps you monitor critical trends on a breath-by-breath basis. The S8 Elite II allows for complete tracking and easy monitoring of patient therapy and compliance.

Compact and robust, the design of the S8 Series is portable and user-friendly, including Auto Altitude Adjustment to make sure the correct pressure is delivered when you travel.

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