About Us

About Sleep Tight


SLEEP-TIGHT is a CPAP respiratory, sleep diagnostic device service supplier. We are experts in the field of sleep respiratory technology. We offer unique CPAP respiratory equipment and accessories at competitive prices. Uniquely we also offer comprehensive aftercare service.


Our machines feature state of the art advanced data monitoring software that can be monitored and analyzed either by self-monitored, with real time internet connection, so all data can be downloaded and stored for analysis. We also offer a sleep data analysis service by our resident technologist (RPSGT).


SLEEP-TIGHT offers a wide range of CPAP units and respiratory equipment and make a point of keeping up to date with the latest advances in treating sleep apnea.


Also, we provide a large range of sleep diagnostic devices including level 2. 3 and 4, and offer very affordable rental service. These are the services that we provide for our customers.


All our machines come with a two years full guarantee/warranty.


Text and email service for peace of mind to remind you when to change mask and filters etc.


Ability to order parts cheaply, for example, we can supply a part to a mask (new straps or cushions) rather than buying a whole mask thus saving you money (and the environment).


Traditional shop! Why not come and visit us and try out different masks and CPAP machines in a relaxing environment. Call us. Our expert helpline is available at any time. Option to rent if on a budget. After a period of time you can also return it if you can’t get used to a particular machine. Save money with our coupon system. We supply a full range of related sleep aids options.


SLEEP-TIGHT has been in this field for a decade and have an in depth knowledge on sleep respiratory medicine. You’ll be happy with our professional advanced service and broad range of equipment.


Come and visit us. You’ll be glad you did!