Although CPAP can revolutionize your life, adjusting to it can be quite a challenge. The biggest reason users give up on CPAP is the supply company’s lack of personal tailoring to ensure the equipment is as comfortable as possible.


This can be an involved process are team of experts will be on standby to offer support and advice. Our aftercare service can mean the difference between success and failure. Most of the potential teething problems we have heard before and the may well be a product designed or a tip or piece of advice specifically to deal with it.


We offer a personalized, bespoke service to give our customers the treatment they need including; masks, pressure cycle, and a whole host of comfort related accessories.


Also we offer consultations with our in- house sleep technologists and sleep specialists.


It is relatively easy to change your sleep patterns. It often depends on variables such as your overall physical condition and even the time of day. This is why CPAP data recording is so important. It makes it possible to perform analysis on your recorded sleep data. And collect some empirical evidence of whether your sleep is improving through measuring AHI snoring airflow patterns.


We can ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep by fine- tuning the machine to your individual sleep patterns.

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