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The Halo® Chin Strap is a reusable accessory worn by a sleep apnea patient to keep the mouth closed ..
Price: £48.00
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This strap attaches to the lower side straps of a full face mask to stabilize the mask and prevent i..
Price: £26.00
This strap is designed to add stability to the mask and prevent leaks. The strap attaches to the mas..
Price: £33.00
Philips Respironics Premium CPAP Mask Chinstrap helps prevent air from leaking out the mouth by hold..
Price: £47.00
Chin straps are useful for those who wear a nasal CPAP mask or a nasal pillow mask but are also know..
Price: £48.00
Standard Chin Strap designed to prevent mouth-breathing during cpap therapy by attaching to the head..
Price: £25.00
Sunset's HCS Adjustable Chin Strap is designed to address cpap patients who are trying to solve mout..
Price: £33.00
ResMed's Chin Restraint minimises or prevents air loss through your mouth, giving you a more comfort..
Price: £39.00
My Snoring Solution Chin Strap is designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward and closed position p..
Price: £80.00
The PURESOM Secure Adjustable Chin Strap is a high quality accessory which is soft, comfortable and ..
Price: £27.00
Chin straps are intended to be used in conjunction with nasal or nasal pillow CPAP masks to help kee..
Price: £71.00
The PureSom Ultra Plus Chinstrap by CareFusion is a high quality chinstrap designed to provide more ..
Price: £28.00
The new AirFit N20 Headgear is specifically designed for the female user with a stylish lavender col..
Price: £47.00
The Headgear is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Magnetic clips that come with ..
Price: £47.00
Philips Respironics standard CPAP mask chin strap. Designed to keep the mouth closed during use w..
Price: £22.00
The Sunset Premium Chinstrap is a One Size Fits most. Helps prevent air from leaking out of your mo..
Price: £69.00
Replacement adjustable PureSom Chin Strap by CareFusion (Tiara) in the 2 strap Respironics Premium s..
Price: POA