Mask Liner for ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask by Silent Night

Mask Liner for ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask by Silent Night
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Silent Night™ Full Face Mask Liner for ResMed AirFit F10

Silent Night CPAP mask liners help reduce air leaks and pressure marks, increase nose bridge comfort, absorb moisture, made with anti-bacterial fabric.


  • Micro Pillow™ Fabric Technology - The Micro Pillows™ act as a series of barriers to significantly reduce air leaks.
  • Soft and cushioned.
  • Easy to handle fabric resists curling and forms nicely around the mask.


  • Anti-Bacterial:  Healthy, clean and safe.
  • Reduces the risk of nose bridge sores.
  • Keeps mask cleaner and reduces mask cleaning time.

User Friendly

  • Secure the liner to your CPAP mask using repositionable Quick Stick™ tabs.
  • Adjust the positioning of the liner by simply removing and reapplying the Quick Stick™ tabs.
  • Remove the liner for mask washing and re-attach for use.


  • Moisture within the mask is wicked away by the liner.
  • Unsightly and irritating facial pressure marks are greatly reduced or eliminated.


AUTO ORDER (FREE SHIPPING) - subscribe to this program and your next set of mask liners will be delivered to you without needing to pay for SHIPPING fee. We will setup a monthly plan for you - a payment link will be send to your email. It only applies for all LOCAL Orders. We will offer affordable shipping fee for all international subscribers - for more info please contact us.

Auto Order PLANS: "will take effect on 2nd week/month or as soon as you consumed the liners from your first order."

  • 1 Month Supply for 6 Months - You'll be charge £20.00 monthly.
  • 1 Month Supply for 12 Months - You'll be charge £18.00 monthly.
Additional Information
Package Includes Each pack of Silent Night™ Mask Liners contains 4 reusable liners, which should last at least a month, but probably longer. This would depend on how clean the face is before bed and how oily the skin is.

We recommend one of three different options for attaching the Silent Night liner to the AirFit F10 series:

Option 1: Attach the liner’s Quick Stick™ tabs directly onto the inside of the harness attachment wings. See IMAGE 1.


Option 2: Attach the liner’s Quick Stick™ tabs directly underneath the harness attachment wings. See IMAGE 2.

Option 3: Remove the harness frame from the inner mask according to the Manufacturer’s instructions.
Attach the upper tabs of the Silent Night liner to the inner mask then reassemble the mask and harness according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then attach the lower Quick Stick tabs. See IMAGE 3 & IMAGE 4.

NOTE: Option 3 provides an excellent and secure fit, however, be careful to not damage your mask during disassembly and reassembly of the mask.
Pursue this option at your own risk. Although these parts are designed to be separated and reconnected, improper or repeated disassembly and reassembly could cause the parts to wear out or break.

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