SleepOne APAP Machine with Humidifier

SleepOne APAP Machine with Humidifier
Brand: Kare Medical
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SleepOne AutoCPAP device provides a comfortable therapy, with the lowest possible therapy pressure. This is done by the internal algorithm. Reaction to Snoring is adjustable by the "Snore Sensitivity" Parameter.


  • Small, lightweight and robust design makes it very portable together with universal power supply. 
  • Easy to adjust integrated heated humidifier, wide pressure range operation, auto on and off functions fulfill all the needs for a successful therapy. 
  • Forget about costly accessories, you do not need to pay much for a decent therapy. No need to pay for getting your sleep data. 
  • Everything is included in this small, durable machine for a comfortable night sleep. A data logging function ensures you get the right therapy all the time. 
  • Bundled with the Sleep One Software package, you can get your reports with just connecting the device with a USB cable. 
  • Whether you use an AutoCPAP or a standard one; nightly reports could be fetched from the device with the aid of the Sleep ONE Software. 
  • Internal power supply, ensures easy handling during travel and prevents the bulky mess in your bedroom. Only a thin power cable is enough to run the device. 
  • Optional accessories are available on demand. An oxygen enrichment adapter; a converter for use with 12V jack in the cars, trucks and boats.
  • Sleep ONE Platform gives the patient comfort, reliability and cost effectiveness.


  • Optimized algorithm enables high breathing comfort, allows ultimate patient compliance and increases the chance of therapy success
  • Auto Leak Compensation
  • Auto Altitude Compensation
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Compact carry bag stores everything(mask, heated humidifier, tubing, power cord

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure Range (cmH2O) = 3 - 20 cm H2O (0.5 increments)
  • Flow = 0 cm H2O 180 L/Min , 20 cm H2O >50 L/Min
  • Altitude Adjustment = Automatic
  • Dimensions = (WxDxH) 18.1 x 15.5 x 11.7 cm
  • Weight = 1.28 Kg.
  • Power Consumption = 65 Watt
  • Voltage = 100-230 V AC
  • Warranty = 2 Years
  • Noise Level = <29 dB
  • Report Software = Sleep ONE Software
  • Auto-On/Auto Off = Yes , Mask Off = Yes
  • Adjustable Parameters = Ramp time
  • Ramp Starting Pressure , Auto-on, Auto-Off
  • CPAP Pressure low limit, CPAP pressure high limit, Apnea parameter, Mask alert.
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