CPAP Vapor Clear Super Sinus Blaster Aromatherapy Basic Starter Kit by PurSleep

CPAP Vapor Clear Super Sinus Blaster Aromatherapy Basic Starter Kit by PurSleep
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Pur-Sleep Aromatherapy is great for use at night with CPAP & BiPAP therapy, but don't just enjoy the soft, soothing scents at night.
Enhance your days too by placing your Pur-Sleep Diffuser tray in front of air conditioners, fans and windows.

For centuries aromatics have been known as an effective way to promote feelings of relaxation and calm.

The PurSleep Aromatherapy Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started with CPAP or BiPAP aromatherapy including 3
bottles of Essential Oils, 9 Sample Aromatics, 10 Diffusion Wafers, Zipper Storage Bags, and 2 Diffusion Trays.

Scents included in this package are:

5ml PurSleep Peace Essential Oil: Lavender has been used to help the restless sleep since ancient times and a growing number of studies support
its use as a natural, holistic sleep aid. PEACE blends pure, French lavender with a touch of marjoram sweet and clary sage to provide enhanced sleep.

5ml PurSleep Clear Essential Oil: Minty-fresh CLEAR is made with pure peppermint, lime, and lavender essential oils, with an added touch of sage.
CLEAR has remarkably pleasant and familiar aromatic qualities that can be described as minty-fresh, sweet, clear, and penetrating.

5ml PurSleep Spice Essential Oil: PurSleep SPICE is a combination of pure essential oils from sweet orange, real cloves, and Bay Rum (a clove-like oil from the East Indies).
SPICE presents a fantastic sweet orange and spice aroma that is extraordinarily effective with CPAP therapy.

Nine 1ml PurSleep Aromatics Samples: Enjoy sample packs of each of nine additional selections from PurSleep's Essential Oils and Aromatic Fragrances.
Samples vary depending on stock and may include Calm, Clear, Black Cherry, Spice, Peace, Fresh, French Vanilla, Deep Aromatic, Dark Chocolate, etc.


While CPAP & BiPAP therapy can be a powerful and useful tool in the battle against Sleep Apnea, the presence of a mask and machine can be difficult to get used to.
In addition to the time and effort it takes to acclimate to the feel of a mask on your face, there is often a negative connotation caused by the smells of plastics and
gels that most CPAP masks are made of.

Unlike our other primary senses, the sense of smell is a chemical sense. Detection of aromatic molecules initiates a cascade of physiological and emotional responses. Research has proven that very small emissions of plastic compounds, even below conscious detection levels, such as vinyl chloride and styrene (and others emitted by all CPAP equipment) can result in heightened levels of stress, irritation, and anxiety. Replacing those chemical smells with pleasant scents can produce an emotional comfort response with a heightened sense of calmness and relaxation.


PurSleep's amazing aromatic blends can make a big difference helping you relax; focusing your attention on pleasant, aromatic smells and making it easier to put other distractions out of your mind.
This shift in concentration is called cognitive distraction and it's a significant feature of the sense of smell.

PurSleep's Passive Aromatherapy System uses a Raised Tray and Reusable Diffusion Wafers, made of a specially compressed fiber material, to lightly scent the air drawn into your CPAP to promote a more conducive sleep environment. With PurSleep you simply place a few drops of Essential Oil on a Diffusion Wafer and then position it in front of your machine's filter; after that, start your sleep therapy as usual.

Imagine closing your eyes and feeling your frustrations melt away as you revel in the light scent of orange and clove, peppermint and lime, or authentic French lavender! PurSleep Aromatherapy substitutes pleasant scents for chemical odors, putting your nose to work for you, not against you.

Additional Information
Package Includes 1 x Aluminum Diffuser Tray Stand, 1 x Paper Diffuser Tray Stand, 12 x Fiber Diffusion Pads, 12 x Mini Zip Lock Storage Bags, 3 x Different 5ml bottles of Essential Oils Scents, 9 x Different 1ml bottles of Essential Oils Scents
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