Respircare BPAP25 Standard BiPAP Machine With Humidifier

Respircare BPAP25 Standard BiPAP Machine With Humidifier
Brand: Respircare
Product Code: TPAA453
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4.3-inch TFT Color LCD Screen, Displaying A Number Of Monitored Parameters; Respiration Pressure, Flow Rate Waveform Display, Clear And Accurate; Smart Start And Stop Breathing; Multiple Alarm Functions; Intelligent Automatic Leak Compensation. 

The New Integrated Heated Humidifier, According To The Different Needs Of Patients, Set Up Multiple Profiles Of Temperature And Humidity, Multiple Anti-Reflux Design, Safe To Use. 

Built-In High-Capacity Smart Card Can Be Used For Data Recording, The Recording Time, Respiratory Status, Can Assess The Therapeutic Effect, And Print Reports.


Model: BPAP 25
Ventilation Mode: S / T, S, T, CPAP
Pressure Range: 4 ~ 25cm H2O (0.5cmH2O adjustable)
Inspiratory Sensitivity: 1 ~ 6-speed, Auto
Expiratory Sensitivity: 45% 85% (peak flow), Auto
The IPAP Rise Time: 100 ~ 600ms (100ms adjustable)
Monitoring Parameters: IPAP, EPAP, Vtidal, Vleak , MinVent, RR 
Alarm: Alarm Off Pipe, Minute Ventilation Alarm, Apnea Alarm, Breathing Frequency Alarm, Failure Alarm 
Screen: 4.3 "TFT 
Data Storage: 4G SD card
Smart Power: Optional 
Wet Capabilities: 0-6 stalls, 300ml 
Noise: 30dB (A) 
Power: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 ~ 60Hz , 24VDC, International Universal Power Supply

3 ( 3 / 5 )
A good machine let down by the following things: 1. The humidifier doesn't do enough. Mouth breathers will get dry mouth after a few minutes, and nose breathers a dry palate after a few hours, even on the maximum setting of '8'. It heats the water to 36C. 2. The evaps mode jumps from the set pressure to maximum pressure after the first breath after startup. That error is going to put users off. 3. The alerts for low tidal and low minute volume don't seem to be able to have a warning sound switched on. Only apnea seems to do this.

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