Respircare BPAP25 Standard BiPAP Machine With Humidifier

Respircare BPAP25 Standard BiPAP Machine With Humidifier
Brand: Respircare
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4.3-inch TFT Color LCD Screen, Displaying A Number Of Monitored Parameters; Respiration Pressure, Flow Rate Waveform Display, Clear And Accurate; Smart Start And Stop Breathing; Multiple Alarm Functions; Intelligent Automatic Leak Compensation. 

The New Integrated Heated Humidifier, According To The Different Needs Of Patients, Set Up Multiple Profiles Of Temperature And Humidity, Multiple Anti-Reflux Design, Safe To Use. 

Built-In High-Capacity Smart Card Can Be Used For Data Recording, The Recording Time, Respiratory Status, Can Assess The Therapeutic Effect, And Print Reports.


Model: BPAP 25
Ventilation Mode: S / T, S, T, CPAP
Pressure Range: 4 ~ 25cm H2O (0.5cmH2O adjustable)
Inspiratory Sensitivity: 1 ~ 6-speed, Auto
Expiratory Sensitivity: 45% 85% (peak flow), Auto
The IPAP Rise Time: 100 ~ 600ms (100ms adjustable)
Monitoring Parameters: IPAP, EPAP, Vtidal, Vleak , MinVent, RR 
Alarm: Alarm Off Pipe, Minute Ventilation Alarm, Apnea Alarm, Breathing Frequency Alarm, Failure Alarm 
Screen: 4.3 "TFT 
Data Storage: 4G SD card
Smart Power: Optional 
Wet Capabilities: 0-6 stalls, 300ml 
Noise: 30dB (A) 
Power: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 ~ 60Hz , 24VDC, International Universal Power Supply

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