Qtube In-line CPAP Muffler

Qtube In-line CPAP Muffler
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The Q-Tube reduces sound levels and acoustic noise generated by CPAP/BiPAP machines and tubing. 

QTube is compact and lightweight so it is ideal for travel and home use; and it is universally compatible with all CPAP/BiPAP machines.


  • Reduces machine and airflow noise.
  • Allows users to fall to sleep easier with less noise.
  • Includes replacement kit for longer life.
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines.

Fall Asleep Faster

The Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler by HDM is designed to reduce CPAP machine and airflow noise from travel sleep apnea therapy machines. By reducing the noise, you and your bed partner can fall asleep easier and faster.

Universal – Fits Any CPAP Machine

Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler attaches to any CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP machine with a short flex tube with standard fittings. The muffler attaches between the CPAP device and the CPAP tubing with a short 8-inch flex tube. The muffler reduces noises using an internal foam layer which can be removed and replaced. The Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler is not for use with water based humidification units or integrated heated tubing. The waterless Heat Moisture Exchange by HDM can be used with the Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler.

Perfect for Travelers

The compact size of the Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler allows it to be stored and carried in the CPAP machine case, right where you need it. 

Care & Maintenance

The Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler can easily be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning and in order to replace the internal components.  The Qtube should not be washed with soap or other cleaning agents but can easily be cleaned by rinsing with water.  Remove the inner foam layer and allow it to dry thoroughly after each use. The inner foam layer should be replaced every 14-28 days of use or if the foam shows signs of deterioration. 

Qtube™ Disassembly Tips

Remove the Retaining Clip of the Qtube by placing your finger tip in the slot and pulling away from the body of the Qtube. 

Holding the top of the End Cap, turn slightly clockwise to align the pins with the vertical slots on the Qtube body. Firmly pull upward on the End Cap to remove the piece from the device.

The red colored O-Ring seals tightly around the End Cap and should provide significant resistance when pulled. Should the O-Ring become loose from the End Cap, take care to make sure the O-Ring is not lost.

Use a finger tip to pull the foam layer up and out from inside the Qtube.

Release the clasps on the exterior of the plastic sleeve to remove and replace the foam layer.

Re-assembly Tips

Stretch the plastic sleeve open and lay the replacement piece of foam in the middle of the plastic sleeve. Roll the plastic sleeve around the foam so that the edges meet and the tabs are adjacent to each other.  Interlock the tabs on the plastic sleeve.

Push the plastic sleeve with new foam insert into the body of the Qtube all the way until the bottom of the material contacts the opposite end of the Qtube.  Look into the Qtube to check that the center is clear and there are no obstructions to the airflow. 

Make sure that the O-Ring is seated in the groove at the bottom of the End Cap, align the pins on the End Cap, push downwards, and twist slightly counter clockwise until the pins return to the locked position. 

Replace the Retaining Clip by pressing straight down until it “clicks” into place.

Order Qtube™ CPAP Muffler Now

Order the Qtube™ In-Line CPAP Muffler from CPAPCentral.com now and filter out the noise. Not sure if this will work for your machine or is right for you? Ask our CPAP experts now; call us at 877-628-0445, talk to us on live chat or send us your questions with a quick online form.


  • 1 - Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler
  • 1 - Short Tube
  • 1 - Q-Tube Replacement Kit

Product Specifications

  • Measurements - Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler (Including Connections): 5 inches long
  • Measurements - Short Tube (Including Connections): 8 inches long
  • Weight - Q Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler: 2.2 ounces
  • Weight - Short Tube: 1.1 ounces
  • Materials List for the Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit
  • Foam: 3M Open Cell Foam
  • Plastic Sleeve: Polycarbonate
  • Q-Tube Body: Lexan/Santoprene
  • Short Tube: Polyolefin Plastomer/Low Density Polyethylene
  • Short Tube Cuff: Latex-free Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • O-Ring: Medical Grade Silicone (No Proteins)
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Fabulous product, Z1 really quietened down, highly recommend this product!!!!

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