Sepray ST-30F BPAP Machine with Humidifier by Micomme

Sepray ST-30F BPAP Machine with Humidifier by Micomme
Brand: Micomme
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Sepray ST-30F Bi-level non-invasive ventilator
Only One minute, it could rapidly relieve the symptoms of oppressive wheezing, body hypoxia and improve the blood oxygen saturation

  • More professional
  • More comprehensive
  • Clinical study shows COPD patients with Bi-level non-invasive ventilator treatment at home can effectively improve the symptoms of hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention, Sepray ST-30F provides a full range of solutions for respiratory insufficiency patients.

Sepray ST-30F is applicable to the following a variety of diseases treatment and care:



Neuromuscular diseases

Pulmonary fibrosis

Carbon dioxide retention


Pulmonary heart disease


Sleep Apnea Syndrome


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