US VERSION - Universal Stand Alone HC150 Heated Humidifier with Hose by Fisher & Paykel

US VERSION - Universal Stand Alone HC150 Heated Humidifier with Hose by Fisher & Paykel
Brand: Fisher & Paykel
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Please be advise that EU Version is NOT AVAILABLE, you will need to purchase Step Down Voltage converter for it.

The HC150 with Ambient™ Tracking offers many of the humidification benefits of Fisher & Paykel's integrated humidifiers.
Ambient™ Tracking balances humidity to compensate for changes in room temperature, therefore minimizing discruptive condensation.
The HC150 will work with any CPAP on the market to provide you with the most effective CPAP therapy under changing conditions.
This is a free standing humidifier that requires a PN HC325 Water Chamber and an 18" tube to connect to the CPAP/BiPAP.


  • Ambient™ Tracking
  • Simple humidity controls
  • Front mounted on/off switch
  • DC/AC inverter compatible
  • Small and compact


  • Prevent nasal dryness, congestion and discomfort
  • Improves user comfort
  • Promotes CPAP/BiPAP usage

Heated humidification improves user comfort and compliance up to 80% CPAP users complain of upper airway or nasal symptoms.
Unfortunately these symptoms, may be so severe, users are unable to continue treatment.
The nasal mucosa is responsible for heating and humidifying the air we breathe.
Research has shown the increased airflow of CPAP can overwhelm our natural ability to humidify inspired air.
As a result, the nasal mucosa may become dry, irritated and swollen. The HC150 adds heated humidification to standard.

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