2020 Model IX Series Auto CPAP Machine by Apex Medical

2020 Model IX Series Auto CPAP Machine by Apex Medical
Brand: Apex Medical Ltd
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iX Auto provides CPAP & APAP models with tele monitoring capability that meets the modern needs as patient’s smart companion. 

  • Connective Telemonitoring capability available with Easy Compliance cloud-based patient management system.
  • Adaptable  Smooth ramp and exhalation relief  make every breath more natural. 
  • Smart Clinically approved auto-adjusting algorithm provides more precise OSA treatment. 
  • Alternative Light weight and detachable humidifier design ideal for both travel and home use.

Connective Cloud-based System: Easy Compliance 

APEX Easy Compliance M telemonitoring application and Easy Compliance Online patient management system are available with wifi/4G options for both patients and doctors to track every treatment.

Adaptable Breathing Experience

Auto-On function automatically initiates the treatment without pressing the start button as soon as the patient begins breathing and the therapy starts with a lower pressure to gradually increases it to the prescribed level to help patients fall asleep easily.

Smart Auto-Adjusting Algorithm

Clinically approved Auto-adjusting Algorithm precisely senses and accurately responds to every flow.

All-in-one Alternative Use

Ideal for travel and home use, the product weighs only 900g without the humidifier and is equipped with international roaming option and a travel bag.

Easy Compliance M, track your every breath.

The comprehensive online service for self-monitoring, remote assistance and therapy management.

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