Trend III Auto Adjusting CPAP Machine by Hoffrichter

Trend III Auto Adjusting CPAP Machine by Hoffrichter
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The device "TREND III" is used for non-invasive pressure-controlled breathing support.
The device is suitable for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in patients over 30 kg, especially when required by higher pressures and / or forms of respiratory failure.
Therapy pressure is administered via a breathing mask, which must be equipped with a passive exhalation valve to ensure exhalation air discharge.
Use of the device is intended for home medical care and professional health care facilities such as sleep laboratories and hospitals.

The "TREND III" is not suitable for use in motor vehicles, aircraft and helicopters.

General description of function

The blower sucks in the ambient air via a filter and transports it to the patient at a set pressure via a leakage tube circuit.
Therapy is non-invasive, provided via a breathing mask.
So that the expired air can escape, a vented CPAP mask must be used.

During therapy, oxygen can be supplied. Oxygen is either administered directly in the mask or in the tube circuit via an adapter.
An O2 safety valve must be used to ensure no oxygen flows into the device when therapy is not active.

Respiration therapy is carried out according to therapy parameters set using the control elements. In clinic mode, therapy can be monitored based on measurements via the display.

In the event of a misconduct of the set and permanently stored parameters in the device, visual and audible warning signals are output.
If the prescribed therapy is no longer possible due to a technical error, an acoustic signal is emitted for at least 2 minutes.

It is also possible to combine TREND III with the integrable humidifier AquaTREND III-NG.

Therapy data can be copied onto a USB stick and analysed using the PC software “easySET”.

The TREND III respiratory therapy device is available in the following types: CPAP, BILEVELS, BILEVEL ST, Auto CPAP, Auto BILEVEL S and Auto BILEVEL ST.

All TREND III devices have a respiratory trigger. The respiratory trigger recognises the patient’s difficulties in inhaling or exhaling and notifies the control equipment.

A volume-based trigger can be set for inhaling, while a flow-based trigger is available for exhaling (Values not adjustable for CPAP and AutoCPAP devices).

In combination with Optimal flank adjustment, the device ensures very comfortable therapy for patients, who feel like the device is gently supporting their natural breathing.

Therapy mode

  • CPAP mode For therapy, the device provides continuous positive pressure.
  • APAP mode APAP mode is an extension to CPAP mode and offers the additional function of automatic adjustment to the therapeutic pressure (CPAP) within specific limits. In addition, the speed of the pressure increase can be adapted to the patient’s special needs in 5 stages.
  • S mode The transition from one pressure level to the next is triggered when the patient begins to breathe. The pressure is decreased to the set lower level when the inspiration flow ends. In addition, a safety frequency (S frequency) can be activated. This ensures patients are still ventilated with the set parameters in case of respiratory arrest.
  • A-S mode Auto S mode is an extension to S mode and offers the additional function of automatic adjustment to the expiratory pressure (EPAP) within specific limits. In addition, the speed of the pressure increase can be adapted to the patient’s special needs in 5 stages.
  • ST mode Combination of spontaneous breathing and controlled breathing (timed) – if the patient is capable of breathing on their own, the device works in S mode. If the patient is no longer able to breathe spontaneously, the device automatically enters T mode and ventilates the patient with the set frequency.The mode is switched to T mode after a set delay time lapses.
  • T mode Ventilation (timed) – with fixed inspiration time. If the trigger function is disabled,the patient is ventilated with the set parameters.
    If the trigger is enabled, the device accepts spontaneous patient inspiratory efforts. The patient is then able to increase the breathing rate through his own efforts.
Additional Information
Package Includes (1)Hoffrichter Trend III (1) therapy tube (1) switching power supply (1) power supply cable (1) additional filter cassette (1) carrying case
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