Kai Apnea KA100 Therapy System

Kai Apnea KA100 Therapy System
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KAI Medical specializes in the development of sleep apnea therapy, sleep monitors, and non-contact respiratory monitoring devices.
Current methods of treating OSA include surgery, oral and nasal devices, invasive face masks, and bulky machines. KAI Medical is committed to providing alternative treatment methods to these current invasive and inconvenient treatments available.

Kai Medical improves the quality of life of people with respiratory ailments, including sleep apnea, by developing and marketing products that are more efficient, comfortable, and effective.

The KAI Apnea system is a home-based, medical system used to treat adults diagnosed with OSA. The system monitors the patients breathing while they sleep to detect an apnea event. When an event is detected, the system activates a vibrating adhesive patch worn on the neck to restore breathing. The device is designed to improve sleep quality by reducing the number and duration of apnea events that prevent normal breathing and disrupt sleep.

What is Kai Apnea? Revolutionary Treatment Option

  • No oral device
  • Easily wearable
  • Breath naturally
  • Daily Treatment Tracking
  • No masks, no hoses, no air pressure
  • Efficient, comfortable, CPAP alternative
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