aXbo Couple Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

aXbo Couple Sleep Phase Alarm Clock
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aXbo Couple has a intelligent iSnooze feature that determines the next optimal sleep phase within the next half-hour. Specially developed waking sounds taken from nature. (e.g. birdsong) allow you to wake up gently. 

Other Specifications :

  • 2 wake up times
  • 6 wake up sounds
  • Chill-out/falling sleep aid with 3 integrated chill out sounds
  • Variable wake up window : 15 or 30 minutes wake up windows
  • 2 Wristbands with skin friendly towelling material
  • 2 sensor which analyses sleep pattern and body movements for 2 persons

Included: USB Data and Power Cable

Remote Control: Sensor button integrated into wristband to control light music, iSnooze

Source of Power: Mains Adapter / Batteries (3x AAA)

Free Software: aXbo Up2date to upload new aXbo features

Colours Available: White, Carbon Metallic

Innovative Extra Functions:

  • The sounds to help you go to sleep (e.g. the sea) dim out automatically as soon as you have fallen asleep.
  • With aXbo 2 people can be woken independently of each other. 2 armbands. 2 waking times. 2 waking sounds. In your optimal waking phase just a tiny acoustic signal is enough to wake you and won't disturb your partner.
  • Power nap function (free update) to refuel your energy during the day.
  • The aXbo research software (available free to download) allows you to evaluate and understand your sleep behaviour on your computer.


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