Eson Nasal Mask with Headgear by Fisher & Paykel - Limited Size on SALE!!

Eson Nasal Mask with Headgear by Fisher & Paykel - Limited Size on SALE!!
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The Eson Nasal CPAP Mask is the newest Nasal CPAP Mask manufactured by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.
This nasal CPAP mask is super lightweight with minimal contact pressure points.
New cushion design allows headgear to be worn loosely.Features and Benefits of the Eson Nasal CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

  • RollFit™ Seal

The RollFit Seal is a technology developed and trademarked by Fisher & Paykel healthcare. RollFit™ Seal is where the seal rolls back and forth around your nose eliminating pressure from the bridge to give you a comfortable seal.

  • ErgoFit Headgear

ErgoFit Headgear is a breathable headgear that was designed with one thing in mind; ease of use. Every aspect of the ergofit headgear has the CPAP user in mind.
The ErgoFit headgear has been designed to self-locate high on the back of your head.
This self-locate fit allows for more movement up and down and side to side without compromising the RollFit™ Seal of the mask.
This self-locate feature along with embedded VELCRO makes the Eson a great simple mask.

  • Eson Easy Frame

Do you see the theme of the Eson? That's right! Easy in every way.
The Frame of the Eson™ called the easy frame, is a one size fit's all frame.
The Eson™ comes in three sizes of cushions but the frame is designed to adjust to all sizes.
The cushions click in effortlessley in the easy frame. The easy frame is so light but yet has not compromised it's durability. 


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