1 x FFP3 Fold Flat Promax Respirator Mask (Solo Pack)

1 x FFP3 Fold Flat Promax Respirator Mask (Solo Pack)
Brand: Supreme TTF
Product Code: PPS430SLV
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Special Feature: Activated carbon Filter to filter nuisance odours, welding fumes & painting mist.
Technology: Modern Ultrasonic Welding used to form composite layers of filters without creating needle holes.
Exhalation Valve: Non-return Exhalation valve which provides efficient exhalation thus providing better comfort to the user.
Style: Flat fold style allows convenient storage and portability before usage.
Fitting: Special skin-friendly elastic with adjustable beadsfor proper fit with comfort.
No Puncture: Elastic sewed outside sealing area for better filtration without puncture.
Filter Efficiency: FFP3 (Above 97% Efficiency) 


  • Can be used against following types of odours: Welding fumes, Garbage / dustbin smell, alcohols, antiseptics / soaps, liquid fuels, cooking odours, organic chemical odours, pet odours, paint, remodelling, refinishing, cigarette smoke, cosmetics & perfumes, Asbestos, Viruses and bacteria, ferrous metal fumes, fumes from other metals.
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