Tank Bottom For DreamStation Go Humidifier

Tank Bottom For DreamStation Go Humidifier
Brand: Philips Respironics
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The DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier Tank Bottom is ONLY compatible with the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine and no other sleep therapy product.

This product is only the bottom tank that connects to the humidifier, not the entire water chamber assembly.

These parts will need to be purchased separately as they are replaced on different cycles.

Water chamber tubs develop mineral build-up over time with hard alkalines from water and create calcium and lime build up.

To promote a longer lifespan of your water chamber use distilled water and empty your tub nightly.

Cleaning procedures for the tank bottom tub are similar to most water chambers.

Simply wash with a mild soap and water combination and allow to air dry.

You are able to clean through your dishwasher however, Philips Respironics recommends limiting this to ONLY once a week.

Humidifiers are used in conjunction with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) devices to prevent dryness and irritation that could be caused by pressurized air.

While typical water chambers last between 3-12 months, this tank bottom has a shorter life expectancy due to the constant heat of the warming plate on the humidifier; lifespan times will vary.

Avoid using tap water which can lead to mineral build up causing you to need to replace this bottom tank sooner.

Extend the usage of your tank bottom tub by maintaining healthy therapy habits such as nightly cleaning.

Important Note: This product is ONLY the bottom half of the water chamber tub and DOES NOT include the lid.

These CPAP accessories are sold individually as they are not on the same replacement schedule.

Additional Information
Package Includes (1) Tank Bottom Water Chamber Tub
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