Prisma Aqua Heated Humidifier - Black

Prisma Aqua Heated Humidifier - Black
Brand: Weinmann
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  • Indications for the use of the respiratory air humidifier in combination with the therapy device are dry upper airways and if the respiratory air is felt to be too cold.

prismaAQUA may only be used in accordance with the recommendations of a physician.

The high-performance humidifier prismaAQUA is intended for use with prismaLINE, premium devices for sleep therapy from Weinmann. With convenient pre-heating function and optional heated breathing tube.

  • Danger of infection by germs in stale water! In stale water germs and bacteria can easily settle and multiply.
  • Remove water in the humidifier after each use. 
  • Regularly clean and descale the atmospheric humidifier. 
  • Use breathing air humidifier only with fresh water.
  • Compatible with all the Black Prisma Smart Plus/Max and Prisma Soft Plus and Max machines

Prisma Black Humidifier showing how it connected to the machines

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