Nasal Aire II Petite Prong CPAP Mask

Nasal Aire II Petite Prong CPAP Mask
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This mask is available in 5 sizes. A being the largest and E is the smallest. In case you’re unsure which size to get maybe you might wish to consider purchasing the non-petite version. It’s the Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask - Fit Pack with Headgear K2A (All Sizes).

Now patients can benefit from superior Nasal-Aire® Technology with Micro™ Headgear.
Lightweight, soft, comfortable and quiet, the Nasal-Aire II Petite® is the smart choice for your patients that need petite sizes.
The unique design eliminates pressure points across the bridge of the nose.
Hanging tubing reduces moisture build-up underneath the nose.
Patients can rest comfortably in various positions without the restriction of traditional nasal masks and cumbersome headgear.
Easy to fit, ergonomically designed Micro™ headgear with patented elbow feature reduces facial pressure points for added comfort.


  • Five sizes smaller than the Nasal-Aire II® extra small
  • Eliminates nasal bridge pressure sores.
  • Virtually leak-free — does not chill the nose
  • Promotes patient compliance
  • Minimal parts
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Built-in swive

Please Note: Size A is the LARGEST size prong. Size E is the SMALLEST size prong


1 Nasal Aire II Petite 
1 Headgear

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