Swift FX Bella Gray Nasal Pillow Mask - Fit Pack with Headgear by ResMed

Swift FX Bella Gray Nasal Pillow Mask - Fit Pack with Headgear by ResMed
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The Swift FX Bella Gray offers different style options for men and women, reinforcing a sense of freedom for a customized fit and personal comfort.
Featuring a one-of-a-kind and minimal design, the Swift FX Bella Gray is unobtrusive and incredibly easy to use.


  • Less mask, More you.
  • Option of Swift FX headgear or exclusive Bella loops offers different ways to wear the mask, depending on personal style and comfort preference
  • Easy and quick to fit with minimal parts for ease of use
  • Exceptional softness, simplicity and stability
  • Choice of loops eliminates bulk with less touch points on the head
  • Intuitive, virtually instant fitting.
  • Stable performance, even at high pressures.
  • With minimal facial contact and unobtrusive design, the Swift FX makes therapy less intimidating and easier to accept at an early stage.
  • From the tip of the nasal pillows to the soft and secure sides, from the comforting soft wraps to the smooth backstrap … the Swift FX is so light and gentle, patients will forget it’s there.
  • The snug headgear straps do the work of maintaining seal, so the fit feels loose and there’s no need to overtighten the headgear.
  • Swift FX users can sleep on their side or their back, positioning the tube as desired.
  • Innovative vent design delivers super-quiet mask performance— and gently disperses air away from patient and bed partner.
  • Tested up to 20 cm H2O in clinical trials.


1 Swift FX Bella Gray Nasal Pillow Mask in Selected Size
1 Nasal Pillow Mask Headgear

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