Pixi Pediatric Nasal Mask by Resmed

Pixi Pediatric Nasal Mask by Resmed
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ResMed has partnered with pediatric health experts to bring you the Pixi® – a pediatric mask designed with children 2 years and older and their families in mind.
The Pixi® incorporates several comfort and safety features to provide the most positive therapy experience for you and your child.
Pixi Nasal Mask is a safe pediatric mask with three major points of adjustments.
Pixi takes into account the bone structure, facial characteristics and skin sensitivity of children.
Because children may not be able to adjust the fit of their own, the Pixi's three headgear straps are designed to be adjusted from an adults point of view while catering to children of a wide range of ages.
Not only the child can see clearly while wearing the mask, but caregivers are also reassured and comforted by being able to see their child's eyes and more of their face.


  • Uniquely constructed using the anthropometric data of children aged two and older
  • Unobtrusive, adjustable headgear designed especially for children
  • Soft, Comfortable Cushion minimizes pressure on children's soft faces, without compromising seal
  • Two tubing positions allow air tubing to be moved to either side of the cushion depending on child's sleeping position
  • Quick-release Latch makes it easy to take the mask off while retaining desired headgear settings
  • Emergency strap-release allows fast mask removal if necessary


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