Profile Lite Child Nasal Mask & Blue Mesh Softcap

Profile Lite Child Nasal Mask & Blue Mesh Softcap
Brand: Philips Respironics
Product Code: mp131

Specially designed for very small children one (1) year of age or older and weighing more than 15.4 pounds.

The Profile Lite Small Child is the same Mask Frame and Cushion as the Youth, but comes with a Child Blue Mesh Softcap Headgear PN 302456. 
One-of-a-kind comfort. Two-in-one convenience. With its softer, lighter cushion, Respironics Profile Lite Nasal Gel Mask is extremely comfortable right out of the box.
The unique gel cushion and forehead pad gently rest against the patient's face for a soft, pillowy fit.
Not only is the Profile™ Lite a comfortable off-the-shelf mask, it's also a fully customizable mask.
The simple, 10-minute customization process molds the mask to the individual's facial contours for a personalized seal.
Your patients can easily customize the mask on their own, repeating the process as needed, to find the perfect fit.
A personalized seal and a better fit means fewer visits and improved operating costs for you.  

It is especially designed to fit a child's facial features whilst providing the comfort and stability needed for patient compliance during therapy.

  • The Small Child Profile Lite Nasal Mask is suitable for children over one year of age needing CPAP or bi-level therapy
  • Soft gel spacer conforms to the child’s forehead for increased mask stability
  • Light gel cushion offers an excellent seal while maintaining comfort

Additional Information:

  • Most patients fit one of the three sizes so there is no need to stock a large inventory of numorous sizes.
    If you do come across a special size requirement, other sizes can be special ordered or a standard size can be customized.
    The Profile™ Lite consists of four parts and just two that need to be cleaned, making it easier to use and care for than other masks.
    Also, the Profile™ Lite requires less tightening to ensure a seal, thus im
    proving patient comfort.
    This may lead to im
    proved patient compliance.
  • To customize Profile™ Lite, place the mask in water that has been boiled. Cool the mask and press it against the patient's face.
    The heat-absorbent cushion feels like a warm compress as it creates the custom shape. 
  • The soft and light gel cushion eliminates any hard surfaces touching your child's face, creating a comfortable feeling for them.
    The use of a mesh softcap instead of traditional headgear helps to secure the mask more easily and create a pressure-free feeling.


1 Profile Lite Child Nasal Mask in Selected Size
1 Nasal Mask Headgear

Custom fitting Profile Lite Small Child Nasal Mask is easy.

Simply boil, cool, and press the mask into place on your patient's face.

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