MiniMe Pediatric Nasal Mask by SleepNet

MiniMe Pediatric Nasal Mask by SleepNet
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You might want to consider its predecessor Minime 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask

The FDA Approved and Latex-free "MiniMe" is designed to ensure a great night's sleep for your child.
Unlike many lesser and unsuitable adult masks often sold for Pediatric care, the premium MiniMe mask has been purpose-designed for children from the very beginning.
The MiniMe is specifically designed for pediatric use for ages 2-12 years. 
It's gentle, gel-fit system allows almost infinite adjustments to contour to your child's face.

The ultrasoft "comfort fit" gel also helps care for a child's soft skin, protecting it against markings and air leaks, helping your child to stick with their therapy.
Sleepnet's MiniMe pediatric mask covers just the nose and is most often the professional's choice for pediatric applications and therapy.
Headgear is available in three sizes and is comfortable and breathable.
If you have had difficulty finding a mask to fit a tiny nose, the MiniMe Pediatric Nasal Mask may be the solution for you.
It features a pliable shell that allows the mask to reshaped instantly.
The soft blue gel cushion reduces irritation and leakage that is commonly associated with other CPAP nasal masks. 


Easy Vu Adjustment - For those small noses and a pediatric size frame for the extra small faces.

Custom Fit Technology - SoftGel® comfort for custom, flexible fit. SleepNet's Custom Fit Technology means the shell of your mask can be gently molded to match your needs. Flex, fit, forget.

AirGel - Cushion comes closest to your skin to provide the utmost in gentle cushioning to protect your delicate skin from pressure points and irritation. Rest comfortably knowing you didn't compromise.

Expandable Tubing - To accommodate all head shapes and sizes.

Breathable Headgear - Has soft, lightweight stability you can count on all night long for a comfortable fit.

FDA Cleared for Ages 2 to 12 - Specifically engineered for children ages 2-12 to provide unmatched comfort, a non-invasive design for easy adjustment and a pediatric size frame for the extra small faces we care so much about.
Not recommended for teens & adults.

The MiniMe mask is available in a convenient one-size design with three sizes of headgear available for secure and comfortable fit:

  • Small Headgear: 15 to 16 inches (38 to 41 cm), may also fit 14 or 17 inches.
  • Medium Headgear: 17 to 18 inches (43 to 46 cm), may also fit 16 or 19 inches.
  • Large Headgear: 19 to 20 1/4 inches (48.5 to 52 cm), may also fit 18 inches.

With the ever growing population of Pediatric and Adolescent CPAP users, the SleepNet MiniMe gives you another option for you or child's therapy.
This CPAP mask is excellent for lower pressure patients, often found in child CPAP therapy.
The uniquely designed headgear securely fastens the MiniMe CPAP mask to ensure maximum comfort and stability. Finally, a mask specially made for children.

We can supply vented and non-vented version of this mask.

  • Non-vented version of this mask (without leak ports) is to be used with positive pressure devices that have an exhalation port.
  • Vented version of this mask (with leak ports) is for positive pressure devices that do not have separate exhalation port.


1 MiniMe Pediatric Nasal Mask in Selected Size
1 Nasal Mask Headgear

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