Wrist Pulse Oximeter by CHOICEMMED

Wrist Pulse Oximeter by CHOICEMMED
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Choicemmed MD300W1 home sleep study diagnostic sleep test recorder device is used for sleep primary diagnosis. It helps users conveniently record the oxygen level and pulse rate when sleeping at home and understand their sleeping state.

• Small and portable design don't affect your sleep
• Record the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate in real time
• Store the measured data and transfer to the computer
• By using software to analysis Sp0₂
• Set up to 10 ID codes, you can share it with your family 

A home sleep study test is quite simple and very accurate at diagnosing sleep breathing disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea/hypopnea, mouth breathing, sleep choking etc. No need to wait on a long waiting list or have the inconvenience of spending a night in a sleep hospital. Your home sleep study diagnostic machine will be sent by courier with a full set of instructions. Once you have completed your test, please return the device and we will download your data and interpret the results for you.

Understanding the MD300W1 Analysis Report

ChoiceMMed wrist pulse oximeter MD300W1 generates an analysis report which is useful for sleep study. The report shows the Apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) which is defined as the number of apnea per hour and is the key parameter in evaluating apnea. The following table shows how apnea is classified based on AHI.

AHI Classification
5 - 15 Mild
15 - 30 Moderate
> 30 Severe

Event: An event occurs when the reading falls outside a predefined range and for a given duration. The thresholds and duration are defined in Analysis Setup under Options. Definitions for the pulse rate and SpO2 events are defined below the summary data above the graphs.

One key objective of a sleep study is to find out the frequency of event occurrences or AHI.

  • Date/Time: Date and time when the measurement started and completed.
  • Total Events: The number of occurrences that the readings fell outside the thresholds.
  • Time in Events (Sec): Total number of seconds during the study when the readings fell outside the thresholds.
  • Avg. Event Dur. (sec): Average duration per event in seconds.
  • Index (1/hr): Number of events occurred per hour (Apnea-hypopnea index)
  • Avg. Event Max: Average maximum reading for all events.
  • Avg. Event Min: Average minimum reading for all events

Max. Event Offset:

  • Max Time Event (Sec): Maximum event duration in seconds
  • Max Duration: Maximum reading during all events
  • Min Duration: Minimum reading during all events
  • Average Duration: Average reading during all events
  • SpO2/Pulse > or < n: Number of data points exceeding or less than the thresholds
  • Graph Summary Plots of the SpO2 and pulse rate versus time
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