BMC SleepView Sleep Screener Pulse Oximetry with Airflow Machine

BMC SleepView Sleep Screener Pulse Oximetry with Airflow Machine
Brand: BMC
Product Code: BSVIEW

This unit has been replaced by PolyWatch YH-600 Sleep Test

This Sleep Care Sleep View Screener is an overnight Sleep Screening Test for adults who suspect they are sufferers of Sleep Apnoea.   It will provide evidence for people as to whether they need to take further action in arranging a full Sleep Study, and/or for their GP's to refer them to a sleep clinic/hospital for an official diagnosis and treatment via the NHS. 

It is always advisable to ensure you are treated under the supervision of a registered sleep doctor, as there are different variations of Sleep Apnoea (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea which is caused through obstructions when the airways relax, Central Sleep Apnoea which is when the brain 'forgets' to breathe, and Mixed or Complex Sleep Apnoea which is a mixture of both).  Different types of CPAP machines may be required for the appropriate diagnosis.  Other underlying health conditions can also determine which type of machine you would require.


  • This Sleep Screening Test is for Adults only.
  • You DO NOT need a prescription for this test.
  • The results of the test are confidential, and shall not be shared with anybody else.
  • Please do not attempt to order the testing equipment until you know you will be in a position to take the test, as it is for ONE night's loan once it arrives with you.  (Further nights use can be arranged with us directly).
  • You are paying for the loan of the equipment only, and it must be returned to us promptly via the stamped-addressed recorded delivery packaging provided.
  • This test for any positive AHI reading for Sleep Apnoea does not include a prescription for treatment - it is a screening test for you to seek further urgent action, bearing in mind that Sleep Apnoea is dangerous if untreated!
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