Weinmann Somnocheck Micro Sleep Pre Lab

Weinmann Somnocheck Micro Sleep Pre Lab
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The Weinmann Somnocheck micro sleep pre-lab by Löwenstein Medical Technology is worn on the wrist as a watch and the preliminary sleep analysis for sleep apnea is easy and fast without the need for complicated connections. It works with common oxygen therapy consumables and commercial batteries while easily connecting to the computer. Multiple displays appear on the screen while using color code for easier diagnosis. The Weinmann Somnocheck micro sleep pre-lab is accompanied by software that allows for the detailed presentation of the signals on the computer and the reference report with the results of the sleep study. The Weinmann SOMNOcheck micro sleep pre-lab recognizes the AHI parameters, desaturation index, wake index, pulse rate and snoring. Changes in blood vessels are identified by pulse analysis (PWA), with the response of the autonomic nervous system and heart rate. It has the ability to print a report with the results of the preliminary study.

Product information:

  • Wrist wear like a watch, the preliminary examination is easily and fast conducted, without the need of many connections
  • Multiple indications directly in the display screen.
  • Chromatic coding similar to the traffic lights for quick and easy understanding of the problem severity.
  • Analytical presentation of the warnings in the PC with the use of software included.
  • Printable report of the pre-testing results.
  • No need of special expendables (uses common nasal canula of oxygen treatment and commercial batteries).
  • Guarantee: 2 years
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