S8 AutoSet II

S8 AutoSet II
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* Get a SPARE Universal CPAP Hose Tubing Slim Style Ultra Lite 6ft And SAVE £2.00:

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* Extend CPAP Warranty for 1 year from CPAP Solutions Ltd.:

* You're Hose is everywhere when using CPAP - Get a Hose Holder for only £40.00:

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S8 AutoSet Spirit II is an automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) device that customises therapy pressure to suit each individual’s needs: breath by breath, night by night, year by year … that’s the AutoSet Advantage™.
And now, the most clinically proven APAP device is also more comfortable, with the introduction of the Easy-Breathe waveform for improved Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR).

Breathe easy with Easy-Breathe technology

Easy-Breathe technology is ResMed’s revolutionary therapy platform for the premium S8 Series II device range. Building on the patented pneumatic system powered by a low-inertia, dual-stage motor, S8 AutoSet Spirit II now features EPR with Easy-Breathe waveform in both AutoSet and fixed CPAP modes … all in a single device.

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