SleepOne Bilevel S (BiPAP) Machine Only

SleepOne Bilevel S (BiPAP) Machine Only
Brand: Kare Medical
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Kare Medical SleepOne series is proud to present bilevel devices. SleepOne series of domestic production and guarantee a comfortable and reliable treatment for users with a reasonable price tag promises. SleepOne bilevel system is determined by your doctor according to the inspiratory and positive expiratory pressure dual-stage Airway Pressure (PAP) is designed to treat. Thanks to an advanced algorithm inspiration (IPAP) and expiration (EPAP) toggles between the pressure precisely to the needs of the patient .Böylelikl satisfies the most appropriate response would be enhanced patient comfort.

IPAP-EPAP pressure changes with the flow rounding feature can be set to 5 levels. The fair value is provided to the patient by setting high comfort and synchronization. Adjustable triggering sensitivity increases patient compliance, and makes the device suitable for different patient groups. Inspiration trigger 2 l / min of flow 20 l / min can be set up to stream. 

Internal power supply, ensures easy handling during travel and prevents the possibility of confusion in the bedroom. Only a thin power cable devices will be sufficient to run. Optional accessories are available if needed. These accessories are: oxygen enrichment adapter; cars, 12V jack converter for use in trucks and boats.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure Range • CPAP Mode 3-20 cm H2He (0.5 increase)
  • IPAP Range bilevel mode 6-25 cm H2He (0.5 increase)
  • EPAP December bilevel mode 3-22 cm H2He (0.5 increase)
  • Inspiration Trigger: 2 l / min-20 l / min adjustable
  • Expiration Trigger: 10% -% 90 inspired flow
  • I: E Ratio: 1: 0.5 - 1: 4.0
  • IPAP Rounding: 0-5
  • EPAP Rounding: 0-5
  • Altitude Adjustment: Automatic
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): x 18,1 15,5 11.7 cm x
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Power Consumption: 65 Watts
  • Voltage: 100-230 V AC
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Noise: <29 dB
  • Reporting Software: Software SleepOne
  • Auto-On / Auto Off: Yes
  • Mask Off: Yes
  • Origin: Turkey
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