SleepDear SleepStick CPAP Hose Holder System

SleepDear SleepStick CPAP Hose Holder System
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SleepStick removes the problematic CPAP hose completely, giving you fewer awakenings in the night, tidy bedroom environment and improve sleep.

Preliminary tests show an improvement in sleep over between 40 and 70%. 


Avoid leakage, a tight mask and high air pressure from your CPAP Machine.

Better Sleep

Waking up exhausted?

Preliminary tests of SleepStick shows an improvement in nocturnal sleep.

Fewer awakenings and less leakage

The night is made for sleep, not battling with the hose.

  • With the hose under control you will experience fewer awakenings and leaks from the mask during the night. 
  • SleepStick can be placed permanently under the pillow in your bed, but it is also the perfect travel partner.
  • In seconds, SleepStick can be disassembled and be ready for your travel bag or suitcase.
  • The SleepStick cover can reduce condensation in the hose, it also helps SleepStick to blend nicely into the bedroom environment.
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