Swift FX Bella Ear Loop Set by Pad A Cheek

Swift FX Bella Ear Loop Set by Pad A Cheek
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The navy blue pads prevent the "cat whisker" marks on your cheeks from the loop.

These soft pads (two for the side straps and two for behind the ears) cushion the Swift FX Bella mask straps and make it more comfortable to wear. They reduce marks on your face from the silicone straps and protect your skin. You can leave the little pads that come with the mask on the headgear if you choose. They will fit  whether you have a larger or smaller head. These are easy to install and instructions are included in each package.

The Swift FX Bella Ear Loop Set fits:  

  • ResMed Swift FX Bella 

PAD A CHEEK Swift FX Bella is made from 100% polyester micro fleece, and can be machine or hand washed with warm water. Do not use bleach or softener. These are machine (low heat) or air dryable

1. Wrap the Bella Loop covers around the ear loops on the Bella Loop and secure with the narrow Velcro strips. Make certain that the fold of the fabric is toward your head and the edges of the fabric over your ear.

2. Take the navy blue Bella Loop pad and pull the loop through it with the wide part toward your ear. Make sure the seam is on the outside and the smooth side is toward your cheek.

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