RoEzIt Dermal Care Skin Cream & Moisturizer (1.0 oz Tube)

RoEzIt Dermal Care Skin Cream & Moisturizer (1.0 oz Tube)
Brand: LouSal Enterprises
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RoEzIt Dermal Cream is the original Petroleum Free Oxygen & CPAP Skin Cream. RoEzIt combines a rich mixture of Aloe Vera and Emu Oil with Vitamin A & E to moisturize and protect the skin.If you've experienced the drying, chafing and skin irritation that sometimes comes from wearing nasal cannulas, oxygen tubing, or CPAP masks then RoEzIt will be a welcome addition for you and your skin!


  • Relieves Dry Skin & Sores From Oxygen Therapy
  • Great for CPAP Therapy Too
  • Use Moisture Therapy Cream with Confidence

Relieves Dry Skin & Sores From Oxygen Therapy: RoEzIt is especially formulated for oxygen users to help combat the painful sores and skin irritation that can be caused by oxygen tubing and cannulas around the
tender skin of the nose, cheeks, face and ears. Simply apply RoEzIt Dermal Care before beginning oxygen therapy, and at intervals, as needed, during treatment to lubricate problem areas around the face and ears
where friction from tubing may cause discomfort.

Great for CPAP Therapy Too: Break the dry skin cycle and enjoy a good night's sleep again!
Apply RoEzIt to areas around the face, neck and ears where your mask and mask straps meet the skin, inside your nasal passages if you use a pillows mask, or anywhere you experience chafing or skin irritation due to your therapy.

Use Moisture Therapy Cream with Confidence: Apply RoEzIt as often as needed to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry or cracking skin.
RoEzIt's patented non-petroleum-based emollient formula is safe and effective with Aloe, Emu Oil, Vitamin E & Vitamin A.

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