Economic CPAP Machine Complete Bundle Package by Reswell

Economic CPAP Machine  Complete Bundle Package by Reswell
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All-in-one CPAP bundle packs are great for the newbie CPAP user. We provide you with complete CPAP package.
Need some help? Call us on 02032869210 and start creating your own CPAP Bundle.

Everything you need for a complete sleep apnea therapy package.
Includes Reswell CPAP RV Series Model (your choice, humidifier, power supply, filter, tubing, travel case, and water chamber.
Just add a mask and select your add-ons for a good night's sleep!

Customize Your Reswell RV Series CPAP or APAP Machine and Mask Package

To purchase, please submit any of the following or we can request a prescription for you. 
a. Prescription from GP 
b. Referral Letter from GP / Sleep Technologist
c. Sleep Report with Sleep Test Results 

Reswell Rvc820 is a Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine and are intended for use in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and hypoxemia syndrome triggered by OSA in patient.
Enhanced dynamic pressure stability effectively reduce the patient's work of breathing 


  • Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and hypoxemia syndrome triggered by OSA in patient.
  • Enhanced dynamic pressure stability effectively reduce the patient’s work of breathing
  • ResView managment software allows a easy managment of patient treatment
  • Built-in clock and alarm giving you the regular treating period
  • Power failure alert ensure the therapeutic process safety
  • Compact design with built-in humidifier Suitable for travelling
  • Higher water/dust protection grade, make device more durable
  • Automatic leakage & altitude pressure compensation ensure therapy pressure
  • Quiet delivery of the required pressure guaranteeing sleep continuity
  • Ramp Function make user falling asleep more comfortably
  • Dual backflow prevention technology providing higher protection
  • Auto Start & Auto Stop & Display with backlit convenient for operation
  • Tube drying technology reduces the condensation in the tubing and mask
  • Enjoy the latest updating system by the Remote SD card upgrading function at any time any where.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz,<90VA
  • Presure Range: 4-20cmH2O, 0.5cmH2O increments
  • Presure Accurancy: ±0.5cmH2O

    Optional Products Available For the Reswell RV Series CPAP Bundle
    Optional Heated Tubing
    Optional CPAP Mask


1. What do I need to be able to rent a cpap machine?
Answer: To rent a cpap equipment, please submit any of the following:
a. prescription from your general physician
b. referral letter from GP, sleep technologist
c. sleep report with data results
d. If you do not have any of these, please call us on 07713151892 to further understand your concern.

2. When I rent a cpap machine, does it include cpap mask? 
Answer: No. The cpap mask is rented or purchase separately.

3. I would like to start a cpap trial, but I am not sure what machine to get or which mask is good for me? 
Answer: It’s no problem, please send us an email at or call us anytime on 07713151892.

4. When will my rental start? Will it be when I ordered the item & settled my payment? Or when I received the unit?
Answer: The cpap rental will start once you received the complete set of your cpap order.

5. I have received my cpap order but then its missing something?
What should I do?

Answer: We are sorry for this trouble, do not worry, please email us on or call us anytime on 07713151892.

6. I do not need the cpap machine for a whole month, can I do short term rental?
Answer: The rental for the equipment is exclusive for a month.
The minimum number of days that you could have the equipment would be for a week and the maximum is for a month.
In case you wish price reduction due to shorter rental, please email or call anytime.
We open to arrangements & negotiations.

7. How do I return the rental equipment?
Answer: Please follow these instructions:
a. Pack the items securely. Be sure all edges are secure.
b. For the protection of the CPAP items, we highly-recommend that you use FedEx, UPS or any insured parcel post for your return. Ship the package via special delivery as much as possible.
c. Please ensure to provide – Item Returns Stub with YOUR COMPLETE DETAILS.
In printed format using a MARKER, please indicate YOUR FULL NAME, YOUR COMPLETE ADDRESS, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, and YOUR CONTACT NUMBER. We suggest to clearly put your name so we know who is returning this equipment. The reason for this is that we are receiving several machines at the same time and need to check clearly to distinguish who is who
d. Once posted EMAIL or CALL US to give us the tracking number of the package.

Additional Information
Package Includes Main device with humidifier, Power Cord US/EU Standard, User Manual, 6ft. tubing, Micro SD Card, and carrying Bag
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